Monday, May 25, 2009

banging me awake
they fix what’s broken, cover
woodpeckers’ wood haunt

she cut five tulips
candy striped, not quite open
a big bee followed

I told her the wood
on that house had birds and bees
ahh! big bore wood bees

cold, grey May
lit by apple blossoms
snowing on mowed grass

cat’s silent urging
too insistent to ignore
open the door

dog shit in the yard
mower man said. cat stays close.
pit bull barks next door

purple evening
no mowers no birds
cat snores somewhere near

who sings at 3 a.m.
more song fills darkness
than when I wake

they argue in short bursts
sharp twitters repeat refrains
listen to me now

cell phone alarm rings
time to get up, get up cat
curled in warm circle

he mowed later
only killing one flower
more careful this time

two hats in bed
two shirts sweater, 4 blankets
cold wintry May

white apple blossoms
pink margins hold them as they
appear, open, bloom

irid shiny head
black bodies search mowed grass, peck,
fly when I roll near

chuck chirp cheep cheep churp
churp churp cheep churp churp chirrp churp
I don’t like this song

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