Sunday, February 1, 2009

From January

2008 drums
Chinese men shout, make music
hearts beat better than war

dual deployment
children left behind at home
family in war

has the war hurt you?
no one you know went crazy
shovel yellow snow

street whore in winter
cold legs numb feet iced midriff
wind kisses her cheeks

Pablo Neruda
come see the blood in the streets
we wont look at it

glory glory
this sad year better than last
snow covers dark streets

holy mysteries
dark and light share the same source
sing we praise Christ's birth

Ella Mae Johnson
105, was there, wheel chaired
Obama moment

on Lincoln's bible
sworn, chosen hope over fear
millions wept and cheered

summer and cold fall
they confessed: yes, Obama!
pearls around brown throat

Helen Thomas seeks
justice, sixty years of questions
courage to ask

Helen thomas wrote
history cannot save him
our dead require peace

see what happens there
don't send arms to Israel
stop the suffering

american folks
language keeping thought at bay
death dealt in your name

big, crowned tan bird watched
visitation? Daddy sign?
female cardinal

wars for nothing waged
against all better judgement
self delusion reigned

speak often of god
grace in my gone loves, parents
this lamplight, this breath

each stitch amazes
lines become fabric. wise hook
twists thread, time. makes art

the last mimsy came
wanting help. heal the future
children's tears saved us

We honor our dead
by living seeing through rain
another planting

Obama o man
so many worked, prayed, fought, died
for this blessed day